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AIX 4.3.3 build problem - crash when calling liblber functions from libldap_r (openldap 2.0.23)


I wonder if anyone has had this problem before:

I successfully compiled openldap 2.0.23 with cyrus sasl (linked statically for various reasons) and open-ssl (linked dynamically).

What I find is that the first time a function in libldap or libldap_r calls anything in liblber, my application segfaults. This happens after the function call has happened (gdb reports that the crash is in function X in liblber) but before the first statement in that function is executed.

I created an empty test function in liblber just to make sure that the issue was with the function call - even calling this empty function causes a segfault.

I am not sure what to look for - could be some kind of calling convention problem or something like that. If anyone has had a similar problem I'd be glad to know.

I need to use the AIX C compiler and using gcc doesn't help anyway.