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Question on access


i'm a little confused, if i really understood the
"access-rights-concept" .

So here are my questions :

The slapd-deamon looks through all access-statements until
it finds a rule which matches.

So if an access to dn=xyz is wanted and it's not specially 
defined by an access-rule there must be an access-statement
at the end of the acces-list, which will match everything ?

Example (without the by-statements):

access to dn=xyz ... wanted

access to

access to attr=loginShell

access to *

Only the last rule will match, correct ?

This is a strong rule,
if an access-staement matches, the other, following,
will be ignored ?


The same procedure in an access-statement ?

The slapd-deamon looks through all by-statements until
it finds a rule which matches ?


wants to read/write its roaming-profile :

Here's the roaming-profile for harry :
owner	uid=harry,ou=users, ou=accounts, ou=mynetwork,
o=myorganization, dc=hrnet,dc=de
nsLIProfileName	harry
objectClass	top
objectClass	nsLIProfile
Here's the user harry (without the "secret" things :o) ):

logonTime	0
displayName	harry
objectClass	krb5Principal
objectClass	sambaAccount
objectClass	posixAccount
lmPassword	xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
primaryGroupID	513
acctFlags	[U          ]
userPassword	xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
uid	harry
uidNumber	1234
cn	harry
logoffTime	2147483647
gidNumber	100
kickoffTime	2147483647
pwdLastSet	1018479633
krb5PrincipalName xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
rid	545
homeDirectory	/home/harry
pwdCanChange	0
pwdMustChange	2147483647
ntPassword	xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Here ist the access-rule which belongs to the roaming
profiles :

access to
  by dn="uid=admin,ou=ldap,o=myorganization,dc=hrnet,dc=de"
  by dn="uid=ldapAdmin.+\+realm=HRNET.DE" write
  by dnattr=owner write
  by * none

Will harry get write-access to it's profile ?

Generally there's the following rule, when editing
the access-statements :

First everything specialized, then the more general things
(with * in it),
right ?

Last question:

How do i read those by-statements :

 by dn="uid=ldapAdmin.+\+realm=HRNET.DE" write

What's the matching rule for this ?
What's going on with the "." ?

Couldn't i write 

 by dn="uid=ldapAdmin@HRNET.DE" write

directly ?

greets Harry