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Re: Schema and OID

Irwan Hadi writes:
> I'm still confuse about the OID, for example, I already got
> an official OID from IANA (number 13200).
> So my OID should be in the form of


> Now my question is, do I need to update every built in schema on LDAP
> config files such as (...)

You shouldn't change existing objectclass/attribute names, if that's
what you mean.  I would create one or more new files in
with your objectclasses and attributes, and put
	include /usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/your-file
in slapd.conf.

> objectClass ( NAME 'BPK Penabur'

That's one way, sure.  That OpenLDAP chose .1.4.* as a suffix for
attributes does not mean you have to do the same, though.  You could
e.g. use
   .<project>.<1=attrs, 2=objectclasses>.<attr/objclass>

BTW, note that NAME should not contain space.

>         DESC 'BPK Penabur'
>         SUP organization
>         MAY ( buildingName $ displayName $ labeledURI ) )
> ?