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Chaining in OpenLDAP v2.0


We're running OpenLDAP 2.0.11 on Redhat Linux.

We're interested in making ou OpenLDAP Server
as a mediating LDAP server to other backend
server such as MS Exchange Server for processing Client's LDAP
queries on entries existing in the backend MS-Exchange Server.

We cannot use "Referral" in the OPenLDAP Server 
as the client may be blocked to access these 
backend MS Exchange Server due to security reason.

"Replication" is a possibility, but it entails a lot of
data management on the mediating OPenLDAP server - something
we want to avoid.

We are looking into "Chaining". Does OPenLDAP v2.0 support 
any form of Chaining at all ? If so, how to turn it on ?
What document is available on this "Chaining" topics ?

Much appreciated if anyone can help.

Yet Chang