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problem using ldapmodify


I'm trying to modify some records on my server. 

2 methods, some goals, results totally differents: 

Using ldapmodify with -f filename: 

I've read the man page and build a tmp file with the modifications I
want to do. It looks like this: 

dn: cn=someone, ou=staff, o=society, c=be 
changetype: modify
Add: ou
ou: test
Add: objectCLass 
objectClass: posixAccount 
Add: loginShell 
loginShell: /bin/bash 
Add: uidNumber 
uidNumber: 8000 
Add: gidNumber 
gidNumber: 8000 
Add: homeDirectory 
homeDirectory: /home/someone 

when I use:
ldapmodify -D "cn=Manager,o=society, c=be" -W -h localhost -f tmp.ldif
I get this message:
ldap_modify: Undefined attribute type
ldap_modify: additional info: Add: attribute type undefined

It seems to be related to the "Add: ObjectClass" line

When I use the ldapbrowser GUI, I can modify the record the way I want.
But I need to script the modification as I have lots of records to

So, I think there are two possibilities:

- I made a error somewhere (file or command)
- I need to give more arguments in my file.

Can someone help me to fix this ? 
Kennedy van Dam Eric
Multitel ASBL
Administrateur Système - Ingénieur Certifié RedHat
Mail: eric.kennedy@telecom.fpms.ac.be