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RE: extending schema

I think you need to include core.schema as well.


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Subject: extending schema

I'm trying to define my own OC's and I've run into a bit of a snag.
Here's my entry

objectclass ( NAME 'tjuPerson'  
	SUP	( inetOrgPerson ) STRUCTURAL
	MUST ( uid $ userPasswordControls )
	MAY ( attrVisibility $ barcodeID $ tjuAccts $ tjuRole $ 
description ) )

In slapd.conf I have included both my new file (tju.schema) and 
inetorgperson.schema.  Yet when I try to start openldap (2.0.11-13)
I get 

/etc/openldap/schema/tju.schema: line 6: ObjectClass not found: 

Am I missing something?