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matching facsimileTelephoneNumber

Hi all.
I'm trying to pull info from our OpenLDAP v2.0.23 server via matches based
on facsimileTelephoneNumber. I'm having trouble. :)

Doing a wildcard search:
 ldapsearch -S mail facsimileTelephoneNumber=* facsimileTelephoneNumber mail
 # Casey Lewis, rrpartners, com
 dn: cn=Casey Lewis,dc=rrpartners,dc=com
 mail: clewis@rrpartners.com
 facsimileTelephoneNumber: +1 702 939 4258

which is great! But then I change my search to:
 ldapsearch -S mail facsimileTelephoneNumber=4258 facsimileTelephoneNumber
 0 matches

I've also tried '*4258' , *4258 and a couple of other combos with no luck.

I tried matching telephoneNumber the same way with success.

I noticed that the facsimileTelephoneNumber attribute in core.schema does
not contain:
        EQUALITY facsimileTelephoneNumberMatch
        SUBSTR facsimileTelephoneNumberSubstringsMatch
as does the telephoneNumber attribute. So I made the changes in core.schema
and tried to restart slapd but it errors out that there are no Matching
Rules for facsimileTelephoneNumber. I've started to look at the source
(schema_init.c specifically), but I don't want to make any changes if there
is a better way to do what I need to do.

I'm trying to allow our Omtool Genifax server to query our OpenLDAP v2.0.23
server so that I don't have to install an LDAP server on a Win2k Server.