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Non-american characters problem.


I have a problem with queries on OpenLDAP 2.0.23. I Norway you have
three "extra" charcters in the alphabet: æ ø å(Don't know if you can
display them properly). æ -> ae ø -> oe and å -> aa.

When searching with the filter "cn=Bård*" I get all persons with
firstname Bård. Everything is nice. But if I try "cn=BÅRD*" I get
nothing. I know this is a case-problem, but how can I solve it on the
server-side? A work-around is converting all names to a "Nnnn Nnnn"
syntax before searching, but that strikes me as an ugly hack. All
ldif's are converted to UTF-8 before added with 'slapadd'.

How are non-US characters handled in OpenLDAP? (I haven't poked around
in the code yet). 

Mathias Meisfjordskar

GNU/Linux addict.
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