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migration script

Not sure where to post this. so sorry if it bothers you.

I have modified Lukes script to migrate posix and samba
users, but i'm in a little confusion and if someone can
enlighten me on this problem i have.  

Lukes script will migrate the shadow password into ldif
format where the import will work for unix account.

I have added features to include smbpasswd to ldif
format where the import will work but the samba logins
will not.  Only when i use "smbpasswd <username>"
and change the password for the user once in ldap
will that user allow to work with samba.  How can
i take a existing smbpassword file and import that
into ldap to make the samba portion work without 
having to retype in all the password for each
user after importing the users into ldap?

is there some conversion i must do to make it work ?