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newbie question - LDAP and Active Directory

I am still learning about LDAP, and want to do
something very specific with it. I was hoping someone
more knowledgeable than myself could offer some help.

I'm aware that Windows 2000 Domain Controllers use
LDAP (or a Microsoft "version" of it) to organize
their "Active Directory". This is where they keep,
among other things, information about domain users.

I'd like to utilize OpenLDAP (or one of its tools) to
obtain a list of domain users from a Win2K Domain
Controller. I've already managed to use the tool
ldapsearch to do this. The problem is that I'm using
the '-x' option for simple security. The result is
that I have to send my administrator password across
the network in clear text!

I'd like to be able to do this using some kind of
secure LDAP so that I don't have to expose my password
like this. Does anyone know how to do this or have
some experience with this? Any information at all
would be helpful.



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