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RE: Re: [ldap] LDAP:error 32 -No SuchObject

Looks like the base DN that you are connecting with, does not exist. Ensure
that you have no error while you to add. You can start slapd in debug mode
(with -d option) and watch out any failures in add.
Also ensure that the data you are trying to add has the base dn specified.
If all these are right you should be able to connect after the base dn is
Good Luck.

Jeeva Venkataraman,
Software Engineer,MediaOcean.
Everything is permanent, till it changes and after it changes, its permanent

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Subject: Re: [ldap] LDAP:error 32 -No SuchObject
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Dear all

 Here I am sending the slapd.conf file entries
 database  ldbm
 suffix        "dc=qsoft,dc=com"
 rootdn       "cn=Manager,dc=qsoft,dc=com"
 rootpw        secret
 directory      /var/lib/ldap
 index objectClass, uid,uidNumber,gidNumber,memberUid        eq
 index    cn,mail,surname,givenname                        eq,subinitial

 And I am using ldapbrowser to connect to the ldap server
 host        port 389
 base DN dc=qsoft,dc=com
 user DN cn=Manager, dc=qsoft,dc=com
 password   secret

 after giving above values in ldap browser wnhen i press connect it is
 giving error list failed

 LDAP:error 32 -No SuchObject

 Please give me the solution for this.