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Fwd: Re: [ldap] LDAP:error 32 -No SuchObject

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Subject: Re: [ldap] LDAP:error 32 -No SuchObject
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 14:04:10 +0530
From: raghu <raghu@qsoftindia.com>
To: Dhananjay Kulkarni <kulkarni@cs.ucr.edu>
Cc: raghu@qsoftindia.com, ksk@jist.co.in

Dear all

 Here I am sending the slapd.conf file entries
 database  ldbm
 suffix        "dc=qsoft,dc=com"
 rootdn       "cn=Manager,dc=qsoft,dc=com"
 rootpw        secret
 directory      /var/lib/ldap
 index objectClass, uid,uidNumber,gidNumber,memberUid        eq
 index    cn,mail,surname,givenname                        eq,subinitial

 And I am using ldapbrowser to connect to the ldap server
 host        port 389
 base DN dc=qsoft,dc=com
 user DN cn=Manager, dc=qsoft,dc=com
 password   secret

 after giving above values in ldap browser wnhen i press connect it is
 giving error list failed

 LDAP:error 32 -No SuchObject

 Please give me the solution for this.