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RE: Howto setup SASL for OpenLDAP for Samba?

I haven't checked Samba 2.2.4 but if it supports ldapi (local access via
Unix domain socket) then you should use that, and no, you would not need any
encryption between Samba and OpenLDAP. You may still want SASL if you want
to allow other remote clients to bind to LDAP directly.

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> Hi!
> I'm trying to setup an OpenLDAP 2.0.21 server on MandrakeLinux 8.2.  The
> LDAP should act as a backend for Samba 2.2.4.
> I'm currently still fighting the SASL setup.  However, before I go on to
> explain my problems, I'm curious if I actually need SASL at all.  If I
> understood the Samba howtos and docs correctly, the Windows 2000 clients
> will transmit the password/username encrypted to the Samba server which
> will then do a lookup in the LDAP.
> Well, since Samba and OpenLDAP will run on the same machine, I fail to
> understand why I should need any encryption from Samba <> OpenLDAP.
> Furhter, Samba could do ldaps or TLS.  Or am I currently so much
> confused and thus mix things up?
> If someone could please shed some light, I'd be more than happy!
> Thanks a lot,
> Alexander Skwar
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