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Re: CLI or GUI user add/mod/del tools

Thanks!  I'll give it a shot!

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>>> Ken Schneider <kschneider@rtsx.com> 05/08/02 12:04PM >>>
Denny Snyder wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've been digging all over the internet and after trying about 50 different "useradd, usermod, userdel, and passwd" replacement tools - I have yet to find ONE that will create a user in OpenLDAP (with the CORRECT {crypt}string in the password field!), and create the home directory.  Hell, I have yet to find ONE that will create the correct entry in LDAP! (never mind the home directory) - they all either mess up the password field, force slapd through the roof before erroring out, fail to compile due to some weird line in somefile.c, or were created with the OpenLDAP 1.x libraries and have no clue when talking with 2.x.
> I know I can create a user entry with LDAPAdd, but then I have to feed it a uid# manually.....  ugh!
> The closest I've found so far is the ldap-utils-0.3..  the luauseradd almost works!  It hasn't been updated in over a year.....
> Can anyone point me to some good CLI user admin utils for LDAP??
> I love the migration utils from padl.com - and it populates my LDAP perfectly!  But after that I'm up a tree!!  I can't migrate to LDAP until I have tools....
> <sigh>
> Thanks!
> Denny Snyder
> Network Engineer

I use the following with pretty good success.


They have a client for unix and MS.

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