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read-only database and upgrade to ldap 2

Hi all

I have a system which I had to upgrade from openldap 1.2 to openldap 2.0 .

my directory is very simple: on the local mail server the accounts are
unix accounts. The directory is intended to make the information of the
mail accounts more accessible (not all local unix account are mail
account, for instance, root and openldap are not, and expired accounts are

The directory contains no sensetive data and thus the access control is
simple: anybody can read, nobody can write. updating of the database was
done offline by a script that creates an ldif file of the dataa, and then
converts it to the database.

This alternative may result in some unsuccessful searches, but is saimple
and secure (in my settings).

Is there any way to do this with openldap 2.0?

(yes, I did some RTFM-ing, ldif2ldbm is gone, and it appears to be gone
for a reason. I can add entries from an ldif files offline, but I can't
synchronize a database with a ldif file).

Another problem: the FAQ claims that I can get rid of the error message
"ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: so such attribute" by adding 'sasl-secproc
none' in slapd.conf and and adding 'SASL_SECPROC none' to
[/etc/openldap/]ldap.conf . Did that.I still have to use -x.

Tzafrir Cohen