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Re: perl bind to Openldap - self response use Net::LDAP

It appears that when using Perl with Ldap bind (use Net::LDAP) one needs to store and
modify the userPassword variable. Other variables like the
clearPassword variable in the courier schema do not appear to be accessable remotely without userPassword

This accesses the userPassword.

($ldap->bind( $binddn, password => $pass )


dn: uid=tester2,ou=mailaccounts,dc=school,dc=edu
objectclass: qmailuser
objectclass: couriermailaccount
uid: tester2
uidNumber: 1001
cn: Tester User
mail: tester2@school.edu
mailForwardingAddress: tester2@imap.school.edu
mailquota: 100000000S, 10000C
mailbox: tester2/Maildir/
mailhost: imap.school.edu
accountstatus: active
homedirectory: /var/imap/school/tester2
mailmessagestore: /var/imap/school/tester2/Maildir/
clearpassword: tester2 #does not work
userPassword: tester2  #this does work