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I'm not sure where to post this question?

I have openldap working in Linux Redhat 7.2
working with TLS/SSL.  The server is a
Redhat 7.2 box.  The clients that are
Redhat 7.2 box works with TLS/SSl, however,
The Solaris 8 sparc version does not seem 
to work with TLS/SSL.   I have compiled
all packages, openldap, pam_ldap, nss_ldap,
openssl, with proper support.

So far the solaris box can authenticate 
with ldap without TLS/SSL.  I can however
do a "ldapsearch -x -ZZ" and get data returned.
Doesn't it mean that ldap is talking TLS/SSL
if i do a search using "ldapsearch -x -ZZ"
and it returns data?  If so, then my problem 
would be in some configuration issue, but
it works fine in Linux with what i have currently.

Does anyone have OpenLDAP working in Solaris 8
sparc with TLS/SSL that can give me a hint, clue
on what to do ?