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RE : OpenLDAP getting data from MySQL backend

Thanks, that should help me :) 

Jean-Rene Cormier

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De : Adam Williams [mailto:awilliam@whitemice.org] 
Envoyé : 4 mai, 2002 10:19
À : Jean-Rene Cormier
Cc : OpenLDAP List
Objet : Re: OpenLDAP getting data from MySQL backend

>Ok here's the thing, say I have a database in MySQL with addresses, and
>ontact information for some people and businesses, is there a way LDAP
>could like get information from that database like the postalcode
>attribute would be stored in a field called postalcode, and the o
>attribute would be stored in a field called business or something like
>Thing is I won't be able to use LDAP to store all the information I
>need, and to do what I want a MySQL is probably the best way to do it
>but I want to be able to look for email and contact info that are
>in that database from outlook.

This is exactly what back-sql is for.  Unfortunately the documentation
for back-sql is terrible/non-existant.  I have a little, and at least a
schema diagram, in my LDAP presentation -
The schema diagram seems to be correct,  but I've never managed to get
confirmation from a back-sql guru, so YMMV.