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SSHA (SHA1) digest not working when compiled with gcc V.3 (informational) !!!

Hi all !!!

I have written a CGI that changes the password on the LDAP Server using
SHA1 hash (ssha).
I am using ldap_modify_ext_s to change the Val of UserPassword which before
is SHA1 hashed and base64 encoded.
I used cpu base64 encode which is derived from the liblutil.
But if i compile it against gcc V3.0 it is not working allthough the base64
seems to be right.
With gcc 2.95.4 all is working perfectly.
What's the reason, i thought ?
Perhaps the libgcc of gcc V.3 significately changed.
Does anyone know where the problem arise ?
I am not sure.
But it is only informational because gcc 2.95.4 is working.
Allthough I would be interested in the changes from the two versions and
what happens if i compile slapd with gcc 3.0 !!!

Thanks Franz
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