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ITS #1116 memory leak

Courier-IMAP has a function authenticating to LDAP that supposedly should
not be used, as it states a memory leak (ITS #1116) in OpenLDAP interferes
with this.  I am using Courier-IMAP-1.4.4.  Here is the comment:
# Define this to have the ldap server authenticate passwords.  If
# the password is validated by rebinding with the supplied userid and
# If rebind succeeds, this is considered to be an authenticated request.
# does not support CRAM-MD5 authentication, which requires userPassword.
# WARNING - as of the time this note is written, there are memory leaks in
# OpenLDAP that affect this option, see ITS #1116 in openldap.org's bug
# tracker.  Avoid using this option until these leaks are plugged.
On the bug tracking section:
ectid=1116;statetype=-1 the link to a patch is dead.  Does anyone know if
this leak has been corrected in later versions of OpenLDAP, or if another
patch is available?  I would prefer to use the RH 2.0.21 rpm's if possible.
Thanks for any help  --  John