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Dear colleagues!

I have problem with attribute ROOTPW in slapd.conf file. I would like to
store value of this attribute hashed (better than plain text). I have hashed
my root password ("abc123") with MD5 algorithm. My slapd.conf file is

# Standard schemas
include		./schema/core.schema
include		./schema/cosine.schema
include		./schema/inetorgperson.schema
include		./schema/misc.schema

pidfile		./slapd.pid
argsfile		./slapd.args

# ldbm database definitions
database        ldbm
suffix          "dc=DEV-PAGAC,dc=net"
directory       ./openldap-ldbm
rootdn          "cn=PagacR,dc=DEV-PAGAC,dc=net"
rootpw          "{md5}E99A18C428CB38D5F260853678922E03"
cachesize       7500
dbcachesize     750000

# Indices to maintain
index default                   pres,eq
index objectClass,uid
index cn                        eq,sub
index sn                        eq,sub
index mail                      eq,sub
index otherMailbox              pres


But when I wanted to connect to LDAP database I received error message:
Inappropriate authentication. And problem is certainly in ROOTPW because if
I use rootpw without hashing, connection is OK. I use Win2k. 

Thank you for all advices.

Roman Pagac.