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Re: LDAP and Active Directory

Actually, I do have a base but your suggestion got me going and I started
playing with the command and discovered  I was using the wrong way of accesing
the base dn.

I was being stupid and not referencing the base correctly.  I was using
o=ett-ldap (our base) as opposed to dc=ett-ldap.  I am more familiar with the
o= style of naming than the dc= version.  I thought they were interchangable.
As a follow on, I am curious as to why there are 2 ways of naming the base of
your LDAP tree an which is more appropriate?  Any thoughts, suggestions?

Further, I can now peruse the who tree.

Thank You.


Geert Van Muylem wrote:

> Hi,
> What's the output of the following command?
> ldapsearch -x -h [machine] -p 389 -b "" -s base
> I think that your problem is caused by a missing base...
> Regards,
> Geert
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> Subject: LDAP and Active Directory
> Hate to ask AD questions here but I thought someone might be willing to help
> nonetheless.  I am doing ldapsearch's against an Active Directory server and
> getting the following message.
> ldap_search: Operations error
> ldap_search: additional info: 000020D6: SvcErr: DSID-03100690, problem 5012
> (DIR_ERROR), data 0
> Anybody ever see this?  The command I am using from Unix is
> ldapseasrch -h machine uid=myid
> myid exists in the Users branch.  I have also specified the basedn -b ... to
> no
> avail.  Any help would be apprecatiated.
> Brian
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fn:Brian Sullivan