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Re: How to secure LDAP ? SSL support ?

  I'm afraid I haven't wroten any client under Linux ( I did it under
Windows). There are differences between Nestcape and Windows API, so there
will be more in Linux. I can't help you with this. Sorry.

  In windows you have to use ldap_sslinit, so I think you will need
something similar. You will have to tell your aplications where are the
certificates and much more. Anyway, if you have not tested your ldap server
with ssl, I'll suggest you to make I wrote in tha last message. 


On 30 de abr de 2002, a las 01:10 +0200, Yves Robin wrote:
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> Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 11:22 AM
> > If you are running under Linux you will need the SSL libraries for
> > developers (openssl is the most common). Under windows, maybe the API,
> > although is worse than the Netscape SDK.
> You are right Guillermo. I forgot to say I work under Linux.
> And I compiled openldap with support for openssl (libssl, libcrypto).
> Do i have to explicitally call the SSL library from my LDAP client to open a
> SSL session ?
> Do i have to call it before the ldap_init() ?
> Thanks.
> Yves

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