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Re: 2 questions...

hmasoud@arabia.com writes:

Hi again...

dn: cn=tp\+\+,ou=Protocols,dc=testyard

That worked fine, thanks.

After querying the database, I got this in return:

# tp\\+,Protocols,dc=testyard
dn: cn=tp\+\+,ou=Protocols,dc=testyard
objectClass: ipProtocol
objectClass: top
cn: tp++
ipProtocolNumber: 39
description: Protocol tp++
description: IP Protocol 39 (tp++)

Is that a misleading name (tp\+\+)? because system programmes will be looking for tp++ ? or will they find it using '(cn=tp++)' as a filter ? assuming OpenLDAP is deployed as a replacement to /etc/services and /etc/protocols.

The plus '+' needs to be escaped only in the DN; as you see, the
"cn" attr is "tp++" and that value is actually searched.


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