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Re: replication problem

Claudie David writes:

I'm trying to install a server replica openldap for my actual openldap
Before, I was able to write transaction log files entering just a
replogfile instruction in the slapd.conf file
The files were like that : "time : ..."
(without the indication "replica :...")

I've followed the "openldap admin's guide", but when I modify my first
server, the modification only appears in the slurpd.replog  file (as in
the past, without the indication "replica :...") but nothing is done in
my server replica.
I haven't got any reject, simply nothing is done
Have you got an idea of what could be wrong?

See ITS#1335; this was a side effect of using subtree replication;
next release will revert to old behavior; in the meanwhile you may
look at recent code (both HEAD and REL_ENG) from the CVS tree.


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