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Re: change a schema.

>First of all i'm new to openldap and schema's.
>My problem is the following:
>I have a schema up and running and now i want to change it.
>( It is NOT my schema i got it from someone and now it's updated.
>Some values where left out in the new schema. )
>All with saving my allready collected data.
>Can i change this on a running database?


>(Guess not because slapd.conf needs to be changed as well for changing the
>schema files.)
>Can i change it when slapd is down?
>Is there any way/method/tools to modify this?

The schema are stored in flat text files, usually something like
/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema.  You can edit these.  slapd reads them
only when it starts.

>( save the current data... load the new schema and only import the still
>existing values or convert them to another place? )

Depends on the changes,  you don't "have" to unload/reload.  But slapcat
and slapadd make it pretty simple.

>Anybody has a good link to a guide how to create your own schema's?