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Re: replication problem

>I'm trying to install a server replica openldap for my actual openldap
>efore, I was able to write transaction log files entering just a
>replogfile instruction in the slapd.conf file
>The files were like that :  "time : ..."(without the indication "replica :...")
>I've followed the "openldap admin's guide", but when I modify my first
>server, the modification only appears in the slurpd.replog  file (as in
>the past, without the indication "replica :...") but nothing is done in
>my server replica.
>I haven't got any reject, simply nothing is done
>Have you got an idea of what could be wrong?

Check the step-by-step for setting up a replica in my LDAP presentation,
see if you missed something.


>slapd.conf for my first server :
>replogfile /var/lib/ldap/master-slapd.replog
>rootdn "cn=Manager,dc=sib,dc=fr"
>replica host=
>        binddn="cn=Manager,dc=sib,dc=fr"
>        bindmethod=simple
>        credentials=secret
>slapd.conf for the second one :
>rootdn          "cn=Manager,dc=sib,dc=fr"
>updatedn "cn=Manager,dc=sib,dc=fr"
>updateref "ldap://tillac:389

For one, your rootdn should != updatedn