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insufficient access to delete a replicated entry

I have a strange problem with propagation changes to a slave server.
When I modify an entry, any changes are mirrored to the slave
successfully. But if I delete an entry I see in the replog the following:

ERROR: Insufficient access
replica: branch.rojkov.spb.ru:389
time: 1019721239.0
dn: uid=pivanov,ou=People,dc=rojkov,dc=spb,dc=ru
changetype: delete

Although the ACL for updatedn in slave's slapd.conf seems to be correct:

access to dn=".*,ou=People,dc=rojkov,dc=spb,dc=ru"
        by dn="cn=repadmin,dc=branch,dc=rojkov,dc=spb,dc=ru" write

where "cn=repadmin,dc=branch,dc=rojkov,dc=spb,dc=ru" is an updatedn

Is there any special kind of permissions to allow removing entries on