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Re: 2 questions...

hmasoud@arabia.com writes:

Hi all...

my setup is

Redhat Linux 7.2

I am a beginner in ldap and OpenLdap, I followed the OpenLDAP 2.0 Administrator's Guide and when I reached the quick start guide I managed
to use ldapsearch, but I failed to use ldapadd, although I followed strictly
what is written in the quick-start guide.

I found out that removing comments from the configuration file solves this
problem. My first question is why comments are problematic in this case?

This sounds very odd; can you give an example of what comments
caused what error?

I then tried to use migration tools. I used migrate_all_online.sh script,
it worked fine till it reached /etc/protocols and when it tries to add an
entry for the protocol tp++ it terminates with the following message:

adding new entry "cn=tp++,ou=Protocols,dc=testyard"
ldap_add: Invalid DN syntax
additional info: invalid DN

second question: what is the problem? is it the (++) at the end of cn?

Definitely; plusses in DNs must be escaped. Try

dn: cn=tp\+\+,ou=Protocols,dc=testyard

(and see rfc2256 and the internet draft on DN and ldapbis).


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