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RE: connections to slapd

I've hit this problem on Windows NT and Windows 2000 Server. Check that
the number of client access (per seat) to Windows NT Service has not
been exceeded. This applies if slapd is on a Windows NT Server 4.0 or
Windows 2000 Server. I'm exactly sure whether it applies to Win2k
Advance Server but I think it does.

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Subject: RE: connections to slapd

the slapd is running on Win2k advanced Server.
Do you have any references on the restriction on Win2k professionel?

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As I recall, Win2K Workstation does restrict the number of sockets.
You have to run Win2K Advanced Server if you want to handle more

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> Subject: connections to slapd
> Hi,
> I'm using slapd on win2k, version 2.0.18
> Is the number of connections to slapd restricted?
> How can I increase this number?
> Regards
> Martin Skorsky