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Question about library referrals & TLS

I have a program that sets   LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS  to LDAP_ON, and I have set a
rebind_proc() to give the correct credentials when following a referral.  I then
connect to a slave LDAP server using TLS to do an update.  The slave LDAP server
sends a referral back to the client indicating the master LDAP server to really
update.  The ldap library then tries to reconnect to the master LDAP server with
the credentials provided in my rebind_proc().  However, the ldap library is not
connecting via TLS to the master LDAP server, and the master has TLS enforced
when doing an update.  Is there any way to make the ldap library follow
referrals using TLS?

Darin Broady
Lexmark International, Inc.