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Windows 2000 LDAP?AD and OpenLDAP integration


Does anyone know of a way to "replicate" the contents of a ms exchange
2000 server environments "LDAP" ,in whole or part, to a OpenLDAP
server .
My situation is we have alot invested in MSExchange 2000 for our
internal groupware but we now want to offer up to some surrounding
school divs
a subset of our LDAP (trustees etc) so that our people can look up
other school trustees up from other division as well as they looking
up ours. For instance is there some facility to "Forward" LDAP queries
not found in our exchange
LDAP to the OpenLDAP server (which contains a subset of our LDAP as
well as surrounding divisions LDAP subset)

Also what kind of Authenication options do I have for this sort of set up?