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problems adding

I'm having problems using ldapadd in adding this DER file to the ldap directory.
I've also made sure to kill and restart slapd after changing the schema file.

I tried using both binary and octet syntax for the attribute, but both give me this error:
ldap_add: Undefined attribute type
additional info: root cert: attribute type undefined

Can anyone help me out with what I may be doing wrong?
Do I need to encode the DER file using base 64 or is there an error in the way I pointed to the file?

here's my ldif file:

dn: cn=jennifer,dc=karthika,dc=com
objectclass: person
objectclass: rootcert
cn: jennifer
sn: jones
rootcert: file:///home/project/rsaX509.der

Here is the schema file read into slapd.conf

attributetype ( NAME 'rootkey'
   DESC 'root key'

objectclass ( NAME 'rootcert'
   DESC 'root certificate'
   MUST rootkey )

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