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Re: inetLocalMailRecipient problem

>I'm currently trying to copy my LDAP server to a debian and I gat an
>error using the misc schema. As you know, the inetLocalMailRecipient
>does not ahave a valid OID and this causes the LDAP server not to start
>Looking on the archives, I didn't find any clear solution. I need to
>have a mailROutingAdress field. Could someone help me about this ?

At some point there was *some* agreeement to use

objectclass ( 2.16.840.1.113730.3.2.147
	NAME 'inetLocalMailRecipient'
	DESC 'Internet local mail recipient'
	MAY	( mailLocalAddress $ mailHost $ mailRoutingAddress ) )

so I went with that. 

Off hand I can't remember who 113730 is.

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