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Re: Samba+LDAP - must change password flag doesn't reset

>Hi Adam !


>Thanks for your answer !

Your welcome.  Maybe you can return the favor sometime.

>In this case you say it is "normal" that the pwdMustChange stays like this
>after the pw change:
>pwdCanChange: 0
>pwdMustChange: 0
>And it should be like this if it would working well:
>pwdCanChange: 0
>pwdMustChange: 2147483647

Yep.  Note that I said "normal", not great, wonderful, etc... :)

>And you suggesetd to write  a script which is changin' the value after the
>password change !
>Okay, but how can I make this script to only run when the user has changed
>the password ?

unix password sync = 

This gets run every time someone changes their password. Its intended
purpose is to set the UN*X password as well (hence sync),  but no one
said that is what is *HAS* to do.  (date +%s + ###) should get you the
UNIX time stamp for must change.