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Re: web interface

This is very similar to http://www.ispman.org/

Stefan Alfredsson wrote:
On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 12:35:04PM -0400, Joshua S. Freeman wrote:

Can the people on this list recommend an existing web front-end for
OpenLDAP that's out there or should we just roll our own in PHP or PERL?

This might inspire you;


login with af1, password af1  (retailer acct), aan135/abc (user acct)

It is a development setup, so feel free to poke around :)
(running on a p90, so its quite slow..)

Anyway, it is more aimed for the needs of an ISP, ie

- has a concept of users
- each user control a number of "popaccounts"
- each "popaccount" may login by itself to change password, email
  routing/aliases/virtusertable as well as vacation messages.
- handles domains, and generates apache virtualhost files,
  sendmail LDAPRoute information
- has an overall administrator
- has "retailer" accounts, which can add users, so the ISP may outsource
  the sale of accounts to 3rd parties.

The language is in swedish, but I guess most of it can be understood
Unfortunately I cannot share the source, because of the terms of
development for the company that has funded it, but it may give
you some ideas of how to construct such an interface.


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