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RE: can I use a kerberos ticket with ldapsearch (and ldap libraries)

On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 19:28, Howard Chu wrote:
> Your question isn't very clear to me, but I'll take a stab at it.
> In OpenLDAP 2.0, SASL principals cannot bind as arbitrary users. They bind
> as themselves only, and their names are in the DN form I gave above. Your
> ACLs need to control access based on those DNs.

I see.  Does that mean I must create an LDAP entity (say,
uid=principal@KERBEROS.REALM)?  And then set the ACLs to allow "root"
access?  (Or whatever permissions I want.)  Or is it

How does the krb5Prinicpal objectClass fit into things?  I apologize for
so many questions, but these things have not been discussed to clearly
in the howtos and docs I've read.

> In version 2.1 the SASL DN format is changed, and support is added for a
> SASL principal to bind as some other user. But since you're not using 2.1
> yet, the feature doesn't apply to you.

I look forward to these new kerberos features.  Also thanks for the info
on the KRB5 environment variable to set the keytab location.  I knew
about this but forgot it was applicable here.  ;)

> To give you a taste of what's coming: the OpenLDAP 2.1 SASL DN format is
> 	uid=<user>, cn=<realm>, cn=<sasl-mechanism>, cn=AUTH
> where user, realm, and sasl-mechanism are replaced by the actual values, and
> cn=AUTH is a constant.
> The exception to this is in SASL EXTERNAL with TLS, where the DN from the
> user's certificate is used directly as the SASL DN.
> Also, in 2.1 there is a sasl-regexp directive that defines rules to map the
> above SASL DNs to any other form. As a very simple example, I use this rule:
> 	sasl-regexp "uid=\(.*\),cn=symas.com,cn=gssapi,cn=auth"
> "cn=$1,ou=personnel,o=symas corp.,c=us"
> This would map my Kerberos login hyc@symas.com to
> 	cn=hyc,ou=personnel,o=symas corp.,c=us
> The DN mapping feature can perform its own LDAP search to resolve names,
> which makes it very powerful. I could use this rule instead:
> 	sasl-regexp "uid=\(.*\),cn=symas.com,cn=gssapi,cn=auth"
> "ldap:///ou=personnel,o=symas corp.,c=us??sub?cn=$1"
> For a Kerberos login hyc@symas.com this would return the entry that matches
> "cn=hyc" and use that entry's DN. On my directory, this would return
> 	cn=Howard Chu,ou=personnel,o=symas corp.,c=us
> Which coincidentally :) happens to also be the DN in my SSL certificate...
> (Naturally the above search works because my entry contains "hyc" as one of
> the values of the cn attribute.)
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