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RE: ldapsearch TLS error

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> Thanks for the input, but I modified the /etc/ldap.conf file to
> match my dn
> before I first started ldap on the machine. When I first got the error, I
> tried adjusting the TLS settings in the same file and still no
> luck. I think
> this is an issue with upgrading the OpenLDAP version on RH72 and somehow
> breaking the dependencies with OpenSSL.

I think you misunderstood my point. You need to set the default host, or the
default URI, to the fully qualified domain name of your server. I wasn't
talking about matching the DN, though obviously doing that makes things more

Use either
	HOST	server.sub.domain
	URI	ldap://server.sub.domain

to set your default search host.

> But, on a brighter note, I think I will just stick with the
> version of RH's
> OpenLDAP rpm that I know works (2.0.11), and eventually get around to
> testing a more recent version.

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