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RE: Some queries regarding Schema, Triggering Notification etc.

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> Hi Howard,

Hi, please do not direct questions to me personally, unless you wish to
hire me on a consulting basis. It takes time for me to answer each email;
I answer the list when I can spare it. Also, questions and answers may be
of interest to other subscribers; questions raised on the list should be
answered on the list.
> 1)  I am interested in indexing the array which is one
> dimensional. What should I do?
>      If I am not wrong, I think schema definition should be
> compatible with the
> database being used. Can the binary syntax
>      (OID be used with all kind of
> databases? How
> is this whole dependent upon flatten algorithms.

Any database that OpenLDAP supports will store any syntax, including binary.
The directory doesn't care what you put into a binary attribute. The issue
how to interpret it is entirely left up to your application.

>  2)  Also I wanted to know which standard databases(like oracle ,
> berkeley DB
> etc) are currently supported by Openldap 2.0.23.

Both of the above. I already answered this question but perhaps I wasn't
explicit enough. Back-ldbm works with Berkeley DB, GDBM, NDBM, and will
probably work with any other library that supports a DBM-like API. Use
back-sql for Oracle or any other relational database. I personally have not
used back-sql and know very little about it.

> Thanx,
> Shashi

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