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Slapd bind or listener error

We've a ldap client and server machines connected direclty
with hub with openldap 2.0 & Redhat linux 7.x installed.
Both machine can ping & telnet to each other. Our problem is 
that the ldap clinent can't perform and lapdsearch/ldapadd 
towards the Server machine. The following is the trace
results :

We did the trace with both "slapd -d " and ethereal,
we see the "slap -d" command genetates the following 
error messages :

>daemon : init : listen on ldap :///
>daemon : init : 1 listeners to open
>ldap_url_parse_ext( ldap :///)
>daemon : socket() failed errno=97 (Address family not supported by
>daemon : bind (6) failed errno = 98 (Address already in use)
>daemon : bind (6) failed
>slapd stopped
>connections-destroy : nothing to destroy

For ethereal monitor, when we type :"lapdsearch..." in Client machine,
the Server machine's ethereal shows the following trace :

	Source Address  Destination Adddress    Scr Port   Dest port

>TCP			1124

>ICMP	 (Type : 3 destination
	`					  Code : 3 Port Unreachable

Does it mean our slapd is not binding/listening to the port 389 ? If
yes, how to bind the slapd with the host IP address & port number ? 
Our etc/services file does have "ldap 389/tcp" defined. 

Strangely enough, we can use the "lapdsearch" or "ldapadd" on the server 
machine to do ldap operations via loopback address (though the
message says "slapd stopped" )  

Much apprecated if you've any suggestions ?


Yet Chang