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RE: Samba lmpasswd and ntpasswd creation ?

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> Hi,
> I have some Samba dependend questions. Samba 2.2.3a is working well with
> OpenLDAP. My Test-Connects are successfull and user authentication is
> working.

You will probably have better luck asking Samba-related questions on a
Samba-related mailing list.

> My Problem ist the creation of the passwords. My test-accounts I
> have created
> with the samba tool pbedit.

> In the environment I build it all account are created with PHP.
> How I have to create the crypted password entries ?
> And what is a "rid" and have I to do with it ?

A RID is the Windows equivalent of a Unix UID. I'm sure the Samba folks will
be happy to explain this...

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