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Re: ldap library link pb


I'm not sure if I understood your post right:  You have openldap libraries 
installed and would like to link another program/library with them.  This 
is the relevant part from my Makefile:

LIBS=-lc -lldap -llber -lssl -lcrypto

I was able to compile my program with both vac and gcc on v4.3 and v5.1. 
The openldap libraries are static so I didn't have to do anything special 
to get a program which includes the LDAP code (I suppose that that is your 
objective).  If the libraries are shared objects on your computer, then 
using the "noautoimp" ld option should help.  I guess that you should read 
the ld(1) man page to get precise information about linking.


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Subject:        ldap library link pb


i would like to build a library statically linked with ldap libraries 
(libldap and liblber) under AIX 3.4

During process, i get a lot of undefined symbols, which doesnot seem to 
come from ldap (like bind, socket, gethostname, ...).

I probably miss something.

Does anyone have pointers or docs to succesfully build my static library.

I can provide more details if required.

PS : sorry if this question is off topic.

Thx in advance