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Re: MigrationTools-40 and encrypted passwords

>I am working on getting nss and pam ldap working, and am making good progress.  One problem seems to
>be when i use these MigrationTools (a collection of perl scripts) to try to move the users from a
>machine into the directory, the userPassword entries get stuck in as {crypt}, but somehow that isn't
>usable (i can't successfully bind to the server using the password that was set).  Does anyone know
>what i might be doing wrong?  Any pointers to documentation on these issues would be appreciated. 
>For instance, i'm unsure as to how to determine what encryption method is used on a particular
>machine (to create the encrypted hashes in /etc/shadow).  I do know md5 is used because of the $1$

If you have md5 hashes, you need to store them as {md5}blahblahblah

You should edit the Migration script for passwd as I think it simply
assumes {crypt}