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Re: ACL by IP

Howard Chu wrote:
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Subnet mask might be an interesting evolution; note that all of this,
at least in my opinion and from my personal experience, should not be
used instead of appropriate authentication.

Indeed. I really cannot see a valid use for fine-grained access control
based on an IP subnet. That is such a huge range of accessors; for such
coarse control you should just use TCP_WRAPPER to permit/deny connectivity
to the server.

Varible length subnet mask are often much for useful. Administrator with an internal network can specify , instead of listing the IPs and modifying openldap ACLs whenever he/she uses a new IP for a new computer.

The implementation shouldn't be anymore resource intensive than regular IP matches. The IP in question is bitwise AND'ed with the subnet mask then compared with the subnet.

I don't understand how this functionality could be reproduced with tcp wrappers.

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