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slapd+tls + sasldb = ?

Hello, and pardon my ignorance. :)

i've compiled a version of openldap with TLS support, and SASLDB
support, and while i can get authentication via SASL on a ldap:// 
connection, i am unable to get anything but a "Local Error" when
using TLS, other than when i'm specifying '-x' to the command line
of ldapsearch. as '-x' is simple authentication, this circumvents
authenticating to the server. my question is: can you use SASLDB 
as a sasl backend on an ldaps:// connection as you can on ldap://
or must i go the kerberos route as so many others have done?

(logs of breakage available on request, i'm lazy)


Justin Doiel <jdoiel@engr.uark.edu>