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Title: ldaptcl

Dear Lady, Dear Sir,

Following error messages I got when building ldaptcl.
Unluckily I do not have any idea about the Information to generate,
otherways I could have probably adapted ldaperr.tcl myself.

Please be so kind to send me a correct ldaptclerr.h or an
update of ldaperr.tcl.

W.b.R. Piet Vloet

OS Solaris.26
openldap: 2.0.23

tcl ldaperr.tcl /usr/local/include/ldap.h > ldaptclerr.h
Error: expected integer but got "(((n)"
    while executing
"lsort -integer [array names ldap_errname"
    (procedure "genstrings" line 29)
    invoked from within
"genstrings [lindex $argv 0]"
    invoked from within
"if !$tcl_interactive {
    genstrings [lindex $argv 0]
    (file "ldaperr.tcl" line 47)
gmake: *** [ldaptclerr.h] Error 255

#------ With best regards,  Mit freundlichen Gruessen,  Met vriendelijke groet,  ------
# Petrus Vloet