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Binding to LDAP/SASL via PHP

I have an OpenLDAP 2.0.23 installation running with SASL 1.5.27 to support a Cyrus IMAP/Postfix mail server. I would like to work with the LDAP directory with PHP 4.1.2.

I have another LDAP directory without SASL that I can bind to with PHP without any problem (all the same versions).

For some reason, it won't let me bind to the LDAP w/SASL giving me a "Warning: LDAP: Unable to bind to server: Inappropriate authentication" error and pointing to the line where I specify the password to bind with.

I've triple checked my settings and rebuilt the PHP with LDAP libraries compiled for SASL and can't find anything. I can use the standard set of ldap tools (ldapadd, ldapmodify, etc) locally on the LDAP/SASL machine with the same root dn and root password I am trying to use with PHP.

Is anyone using OpenLDAP, SASL and PHP? Since the root password is commented out and carried in SASL, and the root dn is in a different format ("uid=myadmin + realm=myrealm"), might there be a different syntax I should use my PHP commands?

Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be very much appreciated!