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How can i integrate KERBEROS/LDAP for Windows password-hashs ?

Hi people,

for authentification of LINUX-users in my network

I now wanna use this for sambaAccounts too, so that
the Windows-users use kerberized authentification too.

I tried something like that (an example,anonymized ..) :
(My REALM here is XY.AB)

dn: uid=xy,...,dc=xy,dc=xy
logonTime: 0
displayName: admin
lmPassword: {KERBEROS}admin/lmpw@XY.AB
objectClass: sambaAccount
objectClass: posixAccount
primaryGroupID: 512
acctFlags: [UX         ]
userPassword:: {KERBEROS}admin@XY.AB
uid: admin
uidNumber: 1234
cn: admi
logoffTime: 2147483647
gidNumber: 100
kickoffTime: 2147483647
pwdLastSet: 1018479812
rid: 544
homeDirectory: /home/admin
pwdCanChange: 0
pwdMustChange: 2147483647
ntPassword: {KERBEROS}admin@XY.AB


You see, i just tried to change the hashs for
into the kerberized schema. I made two new principals
for the Win-pw-hashs that shall hold 
the passwords in future.

This didn't work, although i used the original
hashs as password.

I think i made a mistake doing it this way, 
does anybody have any suggestions how to do it ?

I have also a problem to include kpasswd into a script,
as it isn't possible to automize the password inputs.

I tried to build a script,
here's an example for admin/lmpw@XY.AB :



./kpasswd admin/lmpw  << EOF


You see, the original hash from Windows shall be the new 

But it doesn't work, as the output of it shows :


486dx66:/usr/local/kerberos/bin # ./mk
Password for admin/lmpw:
./kpasswd: Inappropriate ioctl for device while reading
486dx66:/usr/local/kerberos/bin #


The program doesn't accept the way i wanna fill it with
from stdin, too bad.

I will work on it , because i wanna have a solution
for my network, which should be a single-signon for 
Win/LINUX-users using KERBEROS.

It would be fine if someone had time for an answer
which gives me hints how to work on.

Greetings from germany


PS: I used LDAPv3-HOWTO.html from Turbo Fredrikson 
    ( http://www.bayour.com ) as guide how to work 
    I just can recommend it to everyone.