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Re: limiting the number of running slapd's

This evening whilst checking so stuff, I noticed that there were over 30
occasions of slapd running, this is more than likely a couple of days
useage. How do I stop this.

Did you notice that they all had EXACTLY the same VSZ and RSS? That's because they aren't actually distinct processes, but threads of a single slapd process. That means, among other things, that slapd isn't really using the sum total of all those memory allocations. (Since thread support has sort of been welded onto Linux as an afterthought, a lot of tools don't really support the distinction between threads and processes.)

A multithreaded slapd by default maxes out at 32 threads (you will find a few more, because the few threads which aren't used to handle requests don't get counted toward that total). On a site with a heavy ldap querry load, you'll actually want to increase that number (using the threads directive in slapd.conf). On a site with a very small ldap querry load, you can get away with decreasing it, but I don't really see any advantage in doing so, because they won't be heavily taxing your CPU and memory anyway.