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Replication with LDAP - newbie


I have a heartbeat HA cluster running, and I need to replicate the data so sertain directories always are the same on both machines. I have read an article by IBM on this, but it was a little to vauge for a newbie like me.

Could you maybe help me setting this up, either step by step (if anybody has the time), or by pointing out the different parts/configs I need to alter and the bic picture on what I has to change in those configs?

I know this is a big and annoying question to ask, but I really need some help here, since I'm pressured by time, and I'm quite sure it will take a looong time to set this up alobe by reading docs., but maybe I'm wrong - do you know of any good easy replication docs?

P.S. I'm running Redhat 7.2 and OpenLDAP 2.0.21-0.7.1 (the version of the RPM).


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